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Biography of Major General Naresh Chandra Bhatt

Major General Naresh Chandra Bhatt

Major General Naresh Chandra Bhatt was born on April 14, 1963 in Baitidi District, Mahakali Zone, Nepal. After enrollment in Nepali Army as an Officer Cadet in 1984, Maj Gen Bhatt was selected for Officers Cadet Training in United Kingdom (UK).

He completed his two Years long Standard Military Course from Royal Military Academy Sandhurst- United Kingdom; one of the renowned Military Academy in the World. Maj Gen Bhatt received his commission in 1986 with the prestigious award of the "'CANE OF HONOR", that is the best overseas Cadet of his intake where he became an Ice Breaker in Officer Cadets history of the Nepali Army at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst -UK, since he is the First Nepali Officer Cadet who received this award.

Maj Gen Bhatt started his Army Officer's Career from the KALI BOX Battalion of Nepali Army. He is a distinguished alumnus of National War College- National Defense University, United States of America (USA).

Maj Gen Bhatt has received several overseas professional trainings from World's prestigious Military institutions, some worth mentioning are: Platoon Commander's Battle Course (PCBC) from British School of Infantry, Warminster, UK; Field Engineering from College of Military Engineering, Risalpur, Pakistan; Infantry Officers Advance Course from Home of the Infantry of USA, Fort Benning Georgia, USA; Media Operations Course from Civil Service Staff College Sunningdale, UK; Public Affairs Officers' Course from Defense Information School, Fort Meade, Baltimore, USA; Conflict Management Course from Sri Lanka and National War college from National Defense University, USA.

Maj Gen Bhatt holds Masters Degree in National Security Strategy from National Defense University, Washington DC, USA. During his 35 years of illustrious military career, he has successfully commanded Shree KaliJung Company, Shree Durga Box Battalion and No. 24 Mountain Brigade.

He is one of the founding members of Nepali Army's Three Key Institutions which include: Birendra Peace Keeping Training Centre, Paanchkhal, Kavreplanchok; Directorate of Public Relations, Army Headquarters; and Army Battle School, Saljhandi, Rupandhehi.

He is a veteran Directing Staff of Nepali Military Academy, Kharipati where he contributed his experiences and learnings for a period of 7 Years of his service career. He has served in very important staff appointments at Army Headquarters, Formations Headquarters and Training Institutions of Nepali Army which include Chief Operations Officer, Commandant at Army Battle School, Saaljhandi, Chief Instructor at the Army Command and Staff College, Shivapuri and Senior Instructor of Higher Command and Management Course at Army War College, Nagarkot. Similarly, he has served as Director of Strategic Perspectives Planning and Director General of Staff Duties, Planning and Policy at the Army Headquarters. He also served 3-year tenure as the Aide-De-Camp to the Chief of the Army Staff, Nepali Army.

Maj Gen Bhatt is an experienced and a polished UN peacekeeper. He has served three missions in United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNFIL) in various key appointments during different tenures. In 1992, as a young Captain he served as Staff Officer Movement Control at UNIFIL Headquarters, Naquora, Lebanon where he was in charge of managing entire force Administrative and Logistics -Land, Air and Sea movements of UN Personnel and UN Cargo.

In 2001, he served as Chief Operations Officer of Nepalese Contingent in Lebanon. This Year has been marked as most crucial period in UNIFIL history, because UNIFIL had to face the deadliest war between Lebanese Armed Elements and Israeli Defense forces in year 2001. As Colonel, General Bhatt in 2010 served his third tenure in UNIFIL Force Headquarters as Senior Military Public Information Officer or the Military Spokesperson of the UNIFIL mission. Maj Gen Bhatt completed his Fourth UN Mission in African Soil as Chief Coordinator of Military Observers Group in United Nations Mission in Congo (MONUSCO) in the year 2007.

Major General Bhatt is currently serving as the Division Commander of Mid-Eastern Division deployed in Number 2 Province. He is decorated with Go. Da. Ba.-IV and is happily married and blessed with one son.

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फुटबल ग्राउण्ड उद्घाटन

मध्य पूर्वी पृतना हे.क्वा.का पृतनापति उपरथी श्री नरेश चन्द्र भट्टले मिति २०७६ असार १० गते महोत्तरी जिल्ला स्थित बर्दिबास सैनिक शिविरको हाताभित्रको फुटबल ग्राउण्ड उद्घाटन गर्नु भएको थियो ।

प्रदेश स्तरीय हाजिरी जवाफ प्रतियोगिता संचालन

श्री प्रधान सेनापतिज्युको "कमाण्ड मार्ग निर्देशन २०७५" अनुसार मिति २०७६ असार ०८ गते मध्य पूर्वी पृतना हे.क्वा.द्धारा धनुषा जिल्ला, जनकपुरधाम उप-महानगरपालिका ९ स्थित प्रदेश प्रमुखको कार्यालय पछाडी रहेको जजुकाली कभर्ड हलमा प्रदेश स्तरीय हाजिरी जवाफ प्रतियोगिता संचालन गरिएको थियो । उक्त कार्यक्रममा प्रमुख अतिथि प्रदेश नं.२ का प्रदेश प्रमुख, संयोजकत्व यस पृतना हे.क्वा.का पृतनापति, श्री नं.२७ र श्री नं.२८ बाहिनी अड्डाका बाहिनीपतिहरु, जनकपुरधाम उपमहानगरपालिकाका नगर प्रमुख, धनुषा जिल्लाका प्रमुख जिल्ला अधिकारी, श्रीनाथ गणका गणपति र पत्रकार गरी करिव १०० जनाको उपस्थिति रहेको थियो । उक्त प्रतियोगितामा बारा जिल्लाको लोटश एकेडेमी प्रथम, धनुषा जिल्लाको गंगोत्री मा.वि. दोश्रो र सिरहा जिल्लाको स्वस्तिक पाठशालाले तेश्रो स्थान हासिल गरेको छ ।