Mid-Eastern Division






Major Gen Suresh Kumar Karki ,ndc,psc was commisioned into Nepali Army and joined Purano Gorakh Battalion in Feb 1987. Presently, he holds the command as GOC of Mid-Eastern Division from 19 March 2019.

During his Military Career Maj Gen has held many key and important appointments as Staff Officer and Command appointments. He worked as Brigade Operation Officer in Brigade HQ, Deputy Brigade commander ,Operation Officer , Intelligence Officer and ACOS in Div HQ. He has successfully commanded three Coys (Bajradal Coy, Durgabox Coy & Kabal jung Coy) as an independent Company , Battalian Jabarjung as the Battalion commander and No 9 Infantry Brigade as the Brigade Commander.

Priorly, he excelled his responsibility as the Commandant of Nepali Army War College with utmost sincerity.

He is a graduate of War College, China (NDU). He holds Master’s Degrees in Sociology, Economic and Military Science & Strategy from TU. In the due course of his military service, Maj Gen Karki had outperformed his responsibilities under appointment of Instructors of many Institutions such as Nepali Army Military Academy ( Bhaktapur ) and Nepali Army War College( Nagarkot).

Maj Gen Karki carries tremendous experience in United Nations Peace Keeping Missions too. He had served UN Mission in Yugoslavia, Sierra Leone & Haiti as the Staff officer and other important appointments. Besides, he has also participated in various seminars, workshops and military exercises at home and abroad.

His selfless and unrelenting service to the country and organization has honored him with Suprabal Janasewashree, Gorkha Dakshin Bahu and has also been accredited with COAS Commendation Badge.He has earned a reputation of being a determined and charismatic commander dedicated towards his profession and institution.

The General has hobbies of listening music, reading books and it also includes sightseeing and trekking. He is happily married with two kids; one doctor and another lawyer.

Army Commanders Mid-Eastern Division

फुटबल ग्राउण्ड उद्घाटन

मध्य पूर्वी पृतना हे.क्वा.का पृतनापति उपरथी श्री नरेश चन्द्र भट्टले मिति २०७६ असार १० गते महोत्तरी जिल्ला स्थित बर्दिबास सैनिक शिविरको हाताभित्रको फुटबल ग्राउण्ड उद्घाटन गर्नु भएको थियो ।

प्रदेश स्तरीय हाजिरी जवाफ प्रतियोगिता संचालन

श्री प्रधान सेनापतिज्युको "कमाण्ड मार्ग निर्देशन २०७५" अनुसार मिति २०७६ असार ०८ गते मध्य पूर्वी पृतना हे.क्वा.द्धारा धनुषा जिल्ला, जनकपुरधाम उप-महानगरपालिका ९ स्थित प्रदेश प्रमुखको कार्यालय पछाडी रहेको जजुकाली कभर्ड हलमा प्रदेश स्तरीय हाजिरी जवाफ प्रतियोगिता संचालन गरिएको थियो । उक्त कार्यक्रममा प्रमुख अतिथि प्रदेश नं.२ का प्रदेश प्रमुख, संयोजकत्व यस पृतना हे.क्वा.का पृतनापति, श्री नं.२७ र श्री नं.२८ बाहिनी अड्डाका बाहिनीपतिहरु, जनकपुरधाम उपमहानगरपालिकाका नगर प्रमुख, धनुषा जिल्लाका प्रमुख जिल्ला अधिकारी, श्रीनाथ गणका गणपति र पत्रकार गरी करिव १०० जनाको उपस्थिति रहेको थियो । उक्त प्रतियोगितामा बारा जिल्लाको लोटश एकेडेमी प्रथम, धनुषा जिल्लाको गंगोत्री मा.वि. दोश्रो र सिरहा जिल्लाको स्वस्तिक पाठशालाले तेश्रो स्थान हासिल गरेको छ ।