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The North-Western Division Headquarters, with the motto, "Sadaiba Samarpit Desh Prati” was established on 29th Nov, 2001 (14th Mangsir, 2058) with the name of Western Division at Nepalgunj, Banke. The Western Division was renamed as Mid-Western Division and shifted to Tribhuvan Sainik Shivir, Surkhet on 23rd Oct, 2005 (6th Kartik, 2062). The Mid-Western Division has been once again re-organized and renamed as the North Western Division, Nimare Barrack, Surkhet on 16th July, 2017 (1st Shrawan, 2074). Maj Gen Sadip Bahadur Shah was the first General Officer Commanding (GOC) of this division and Maj Gen Karmendra Bikram Limbu is the present GOC.

The successive GOCs of this division were Maj Gen Sadip Bahadur Shah (Retd.), Maj Gen Govinda Bahadur Gurung (Retd.), Maj Gen Bala Nanda Sharma (Retd.), Maj Gen Rukmangath Katawal (Retd.), Maj Gen Dipak Bikram Rana (Retd.), Maj Gen Chhatra Man Sigh Gurung (Retd.), Maj Gen Ananta Bahadur Thebe (Retd.), Maj Gen Pradip Jung Thapa (Retd.), Maj Gen Keshav Raj Mahat (Retd.), Maj Gen Pradip Bikram Rana (Retd.), Maj Gen Rajendra Bikram Shah (Retd.), Maj Gen Rajendra Bahadur Karki (Retd.), Maj Gen Shekhar Singh Basnyat and Maj Gen Shamsher Thakurathi (Retd.).

Biography of Biography of Major General Karmendra Bikaram Limbu

Biography of Major General Karmendra Bikaram Limbu

Maj General Limbu assumed duty as the Division Commander of the North Western Division on July 13, 2017 after most recently serving as the Deputy Directorate of Military Intelligence.

Gen Limbu, born in Jhapa was commissioned from the Nepalese Military Academy in 1985 in Pashupati Prasad Battalion. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities from Tribhuwan University and is also a graduate of Command and Staff College, Nepal. He has undertaken a number of courses in Nepal and abroad. Special Forces Training, Officers Commando Training, Company Commander and Staff Course, Command and Staff College and Human Rights Course are some of the courses in Nepal. Regimental Signal Officers Course (India), Defence Management Course (India), Disaster Management Course (Srilanka) and Defence and Strategic Studies Course (China) are some of the courses abroad.

Gen Limbu carries with him a vast experience of Command, Staff and Instructional appointments. He commanded Chandi Prasad Company, Sher Battalion, No. 24 Bde, No. 22 Bde and has had the honor of commanding the Special Forces Battalion (Yuddha Bhairav Battalion) twice. He has served as an instructor in a number of training schools namely, the Nepalese Military Academy (Bhaktapur), Army School (Nagarkot) and Command and Staff College (Shivapuri). He has also held key staff appointments at all levels during his 34 years of glorious service.

His missions abroad include United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) in 1990, Former Yugoslavia (1995) and United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL) in 2001.

He has been decorated with the prestigious Su Prabal Gorkha Dakshin Bahu.

Gen Limbu is happily married to Mrs. Madhu Limbu and the couple is blessed with a son, Panchhewa and a daughter, Sesema.

Army Commanders North-Western Division

Lt Gen Sadip Bahadur Shah(Retd)

Maj Gen Govinda Bahadur Gurung(Retd)

Lt Gen Bala Nand Sharma(Retd)

Gen Rukmangath Katawal(Retd)

Maj Gen Dipak Bikram Rana(Retd)

Gen Chhatra Man Singh Gurung(Retd)

Maj Gen Ananta bahadur Thebe(Retd)

Maj Gen Pradip Jung Thapa(Retd)

Maj Gen Late Keshav Raj Mahat(Retd)

Maj Gen Pradip Bikram Rana(Retd)

Maj Gen Rajendra Bikram Shah(Retd)

Maj Gen Rajendra Bahadur Karki (Retd)

Maj Gen Shekhar Singh Basnyat

Maj Gen Shamsher Thakurathi(Retd)

उत्तर पश्चिम पृतनापती उपरथी सरोज प्रताप राणाद्वारा पर्यटक सुचना केन्द्रको उद्घाट्न

मिती २०७५ फागुन १० गते श्रीदल गुल्मद्वारा रारा ताल तथा रारा राष्ट्रिय निकुञ्ज भ्रमण गर्न आउने स्वदेशी तथा बिदेशी पर्यटकहरुलाई आबश्यक सुचना तथा जानकारी प्रदान गर्ने उद्देश्यले निर्माण गरिएको पर्यटक सुचना केन्द्रको उत्तर पश्चिम पृतनापती उपरथी सरोज प्रताप राणाले उद्घाट्न गर्नुभएको छ ।