Valley Division





The ‘Valley Command Office’, with the motto “Shanti Surakshya Sarbada”, was established on May 19 2003 (2060 Jestha 5). Later it was renamed as “Valley Division HQ” on December 13, 2003 (2060 Poush 15). At the beginning, the division HQ was based at Singha Durbar, Kathmandu and later it was relocated to the Narayanhiti Palace. Maj Gen Kiran Shumsher Thapa (Retd.) was the first General Officer Commanding of this division and Maj Gen Sarad Kumar Giri is the present GOC.

The successive GOC of this division were Maj Gen Dilip Karki (Retd.), Maj Gen Dipak Bikram Rana (Retd.), Maj Gen Kul Bahadur Khadka (Retd.), Maj Gen Anil Jung Thapa (Retd.), Maj Gen Daman Bahadur Ghale (Retd.), Maj Gen Keshav Raj Mahat (Retd.), Maj Gen Victor JB Rana (Retd.), Maj Gen Mahesh Bikram Karki, Maj Gen Purna Chandra Thapa, Maj Gen Himalaya Thapa (Retd.) and Maj Gen Anuj Basnyat.

Biography of Major General Shashi Chandra Bahadur Singh

Major General Shashi Chandra Bahadur Singh

Maj Gen. Shashi CB Singh was commissioned into the Nepali army in 1983. As a Second Lieutenant, he served in an Independent Armored Company for a very short time and later was reassigned to an Infantry Battalion. In 1989 Maj Gen. Singh served with the newly formed Special Forces Unit as founder member for a significant time of his career. In 2000, he was given the command of an independent infantry company and in 2003 was reassigned to the Special Forces independent Coy as the commander. He commanded an Infantry Bn in 2004 and from 2006-2008 was the Directing Staff at the Army Command and Staff Collage at Shivapuri, and later became the Senior Instructor in the same collage. In 2008, as a Col, he was given the command of the Special Forces Battalion and later in 2011 served as the deputy Brigade Commander in an infantry Brigade (19 Bde). He then was appointed as the Commandant of Nepalese Military Academy, Kharipati, in 2014. After being promoted to Brig Gen in 2015 he commanded infantry brigade (26 Bde), after completing his command served as the Director of the Directorate of Strategic Prospective Planning (DSPP) in 2016. After being promoted to Maj Gen. in Nov, 2017 he was appointment as the Quarter Master General. He is currently the General Officer Commanding of Valley Division (From 12 March 2018).

Maj Gen. Singh is an alumna of Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, UK and a graduate of Civil Affairs and Special Forces Courses from John F Kennedy Special Warfare Centre, Fort Bragg, USA. He did his Staff Collage from Nepal as well as Mirpur, Bangladesh and completed Higher Defence Orientation Course (HDOC) from India. In 2014 he graduated from Royal College of Defence Studies (RCDS), UK.

Maj Gen. Singh has participated in various UN missions. He is married and blessed with twins. Among many hobbies he likes to play tennis, swim and garden in his leisure time.

Army Commanders Valley Division

Maj Gen Dilip Karki(Retd)

Maj Gen Dipak Bikram Rana(Retd)

Lt Gen Kul Bahadur Khadka(Retd)

Maj Gen Anil Jung Thapa(Retd)

Maj Gen Daman Bahadur Ghale(Retd)

Maj Gen Late Keshav Raj Mahat(Retd)

Maj Gen Victor JB Rana(Retd)

Maj Gen Mahesh Bikram Karki

Lt Gen Purna Chandra Thapa

Maj Gen Himalaya Thapa

Maj Gen Anuj Basnyat

Maj Gen Sarad Giri

माननीय रक्षा मन्त्रीद्वारा निरीक्षण भ्रमण

आज मिति २०७३ चैत्र १ गते माननीय रक्षा मन्त्री श्री बालकृष्ण खाणले नेपाली सेनाको नारायणहिटीस्थित श्री उत्पयका पृतना हे.क्वा.निरीक्षण गर्नुभएको छ । निरीक्षणको क्रममा वँहाले उक्त पृतना हे.क्वा.को बस्तुस्थितिबारे जानकारी हाँसिल गर्नु भएको थियो । साथै वहाँले नेपाली सेनाको क्षमतामा अभिवृद्धि गरी आधुनिकीकरण गर्न रक्षा मन्त्रालयले सहयोग गर्ने वताउँनु हुँदै नेपाली सेनाले शान्ति सुव्यस्थाको एवं विपद् व्यवस्थापनमा गरेको कार्यहरुको प्रशंसा समेत गर्नु भएको थियो । उक्त भ्रमणमा रक्षा सचिव श्री श्रीधर सापकोटाको समेत उपस्थिति रहेको थियो ।