Mechanism for Project Management and Implementation:

An empowered Steering Committee and well managed Project Office have been established by the government for effective and efficient implementation of the project, which are as follows:

(a) Steering Committee: The empowered Steering Committee or Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) mandated for successful accomplishment of the project comprises the following:

  1. Lieutenant General,(Appointed by Chief of Army Staff) Nepali Army Chairman
  2. Major General, Directorate General of Military Operation, Nepali Army Member
  3. Technical Major General, Department Chief, Department of Engineering Nepal Army Member Secretary.

(b) Project Office: A Project Head Office has been established for the overall management of the project in Army HQ\s. This office consists of Survey, Design and Estimate Division; Operations Division, Procurement Division, Administration and Logistics Division & various sub divisions & sections for over all management responsibility for the execution of the project. Apart from these divisions and branches, experts and consultants will also be working in parallel to support senior project officials/staffs. In due course of time and need, site office will also be established for effective command and control, smooth coordination and effective implementation of the various tasks on ground & close supervision of its progress.

Social Development Program

Apart from road construction, the following social enhancement programs will also be accompanied during the Expressway road project implementation:-

  • Provisioning of basic health, first aid services and emergency rescue assistance.
  • Preservation of local water sources, cleaning and maintenance.
  • Improvement of village roads and tracks
  • Promoting local sports activities
  • Assistance during natural calamities
  • Awareness programs regarding forests and nature conservation to include afforestation/ reforestation.
  • Social awareness program with regards to the environment, tradition, culture, education, health etc.
  • Promoting towards the conservation of endangered flora and fauna.
  • Assistance in generating employment opportunities for local people
  • Distribution of hybrid/improved seeds and facilitate the market for agro based local product.
  • Other miscellaneous activities of local concerns and need.