Salient Features of the Project

(a) Carriageway and Length: The Expressway consists of a dual carriageway with double lane high design speed highway. The overall 76.2 Km (proposed) length stretches from Khokana (Lalitpur) to Nijgadh (Bara) inter connecting Kathmandu and Makwanpur district in between.

Features of Road

(b) Tunnel:The Expressway also includes a 1.35 km long twin tube tunnel. The proposed tunnel width shall be 11m and 22 meter in 2-lane and 4-lane roadway respectively.

(c) High Bridges: The Expressway will also consist of many high-rise concrete bridges connecting steep mountains in order to achieve a smooth gradient and gentle curve sustaining high design speed. This necessitates the requirement and use of latest technology in bridging, tunneling and highway construction engineering.

(d) Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA): Since beginning, the project has been ensuring that the environmental considerations become the integral part of the construction project during its planning, preliminary design and alignment. Significant adverse impacts will be continually examined and efforts will be promoted to achieve a practical and dynamic output in environmental protection and impact mitigation measures.

(e) Though the overall length of the expressway has been already calculated in preliminary design, its exact length, numbers and length of tunnels are subjected to minor deviation and variations owing to geographical, financial and technical factors which may come across while finalizing the detail plan/DPR as well as during the implementation phase of the project. Nevertheless, it is predicted that the travelling time from Terai to Kathmandu valley will be considerably reduced to over an hour through the Expressway.