Conceptual Modality

Steps to prepared Detailed Project Report (DPR) have been initiated by the SPV. This will form the basis of the project. Camp management and minor construction works will be carried out through various task forces of Nepali Army’s engineering resources. To affect this, Road Construction Task Forces, Bridge Construction Task Forces, and Tunnel Construction Task Force have been conceptulized and are deployed in field in a phased manner wise. The overall management

  1. Construction that can be carried out by Nepali Army’s inherent resources shall be planned, designed and executed. Along with these efforts, local construction companies shall also be encouraged to participate.
  2. Through the National Competitive Bidding (NCB) process, national builders will be employed for construction works of medium size & nature. Due to unavoidable circumstances, if they are unable to complete such works, the Nepali Army will share the responsibility to complete the works.
  3. Engineering works of special nature and requiring high technology shall be awarded to International Competitive Bidders (ICB) on the competitive basis.
  4. Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) (Design & Built) Model or G to G model could be adopted as per necessity.