Head of the Department

Major General Raghu Bhandary

MGO Head of Department

Maj Gen Raghu Bhandary Born on October 29, 1963 in Kathmandu district, capital city of Nepal. He joined the Nepali Army as an Officer Cadet in the year 1984 and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant to The Famous Mahindra Dal Battalion in January 1986. He graduated from Tribhuvan University in Humanities and Social Science in 1993.

During his career, he had held wide variety Staff, Instructor and Command assignments. He worked at Nepali Military Academy as an instructor in the rank of Captain and Chief Instructor in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Likewise, he served as an infantry officer at various levels, to include officiating Company Commander of Bir Dal Coy and Company Commander of Durga Bhanjan Coy (Independent) and Battalion Commander of Devi Dal Battalion (Infantry). In the rank of Colonel, he served as Chief of Int Corps, Chief Administrator of Medical Services Management Office (Directorate of Army Welfare Planning).

Later he had commanded No.1 Brigade (Infantry) as a Brigadier General. Besides successfully commanding an infantry Brigade, he had held important position of Director of the Directorate of Army Welfare Planning at Army HQ. Maj Gen Bhandary appointed as Master General of Ordnance on 21 September 2018.

In addition to this, Maj Gen Bhandary had a number of notable staff appointments such as in Directorate of Military Operations (DMO) as a Captain, Directorate of Selection and Recruitment as a Major and as Lieutenant Colonel, Military Intelligence Corps as a Colonel. He also has served as G3 (OPS) in No. 4 Brigade (Infantry) and No.25 Brigade (Infantry). As a Colonel, he continued as Assistant Brigade commander in No. 7 Brigade (Infantry). He gained broad experience across Army and Government in a range of staff, training and representational appointments.

Besides various trainings and seminars within the country, An alumnus of Army Command and Staff College, Shivapuri, Nepal and National Defense University (NDU), PLA, China, and has earned Master’s Degrees in Military Science, Science of National Security Strategy from National Defense University, China.

He has served in various United Nations Peacekeeping Operations that include UNIFIL, Lebanon in 1991 and 1994. He had served as Military Observer in UNMOP, Croatia in 2001 and as a Chief of Observer group Golan,Tiberias, Israel under UNDOF and UNTSO in 2010.

Maj Gen Bhandary is decorated with "SUPRAWAL JANASEWA SHREE", "GORKHA DAKSHINBAHU-IV", "DAIBI PRAKOP UDDAR PADAK (OM)", "Foreign Service Medal" and different UN Service Medals.

Colonel Commandant of The Famous Mahindra Dal Battalion, Maj Gen Bhandary, finds pleasure in sightseeing and trekking as his favorite leisure pursuit. He amuses himself in keeping up with contemporary media and information technology. He also believes in gaining knowledge through self-study. He has already visited a number of countries namely Austria, Bosnia, China, Croatia, Egypt, England, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Serbia, Syria, Thailand and USA. Maj Gen Bhandary remains happy with his spouse Mrs Shanta Bhandary and the couple is blessed with a daughter Dr Rakshya Bhandary and a son Sakar Bhandary.