Military Science And Technology Competition II

Be near science and technology, and you will never fail.


The Military Science and Technology Competition (MSTC-II, BS 2077) is designed to create the opportunities that can in-corporate new ideas, and initiatives into Nepal's progressive advancement in science and technology.


Internal Security Technology


WheelBarrow Revolution Bomb Disposal Robot

Defense Technology



Scientific and humanist approaches are not competitive but supportive, and both are ultimately necessary. - Robert Coldwell Wood

  • Create a working platform for all professional, enthusiasts and beginners in the field of science and technology (It will not only be a competition but also an exhibition).
  • Create a product suitable for the Nepali Army (Use your ingenuity to the full extent).
  • The selected products should have a prospect to be developed into prototypes and production line items which would be supported by the Nepali Army.
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    Categories of Competition

    • Secondary School (Higher Secondary School)
    • College Students (Undergraduates)
    • Open Competition (Professional Groups)
    • Nepali Army Participants


    • Defense Technology
    • Environment and Conservation Technology
    • Internal Security Technology
    • Disaster Support Technology
    • Others

    Time Line

    Details Dates
    Registration & Proposal Submission Poush 8, 2076   Poush 15 16:00, 2076
    Paricipation Confirmation Poush 18, 2076  Poush 20, 2076
    Mid Term Evaluation 1st Week of Falgun, 2076
    Final Submission 1st Week of Baisakh, 2077
    Exhibition and Competition Baisakh 19 and 20, 2077




    First Second Third

    Secondary School

    RS 1,50,000

    RS 75,000 /-

    RS 25,000 /-


    RS 2,00,000

    RS 1,00,000 /-

    RS 50,000 /-

    Open Competition

    RS 3,00,000

    RS 1,50,000 /-

    RS 75,000 /-

    Nepali Army Participants

    RS 1,00,000

    RS 75,000 /-

    RS 50,000 /-