Commandant Biography

Brig Gen Suresh Kumar Karki



1. Brigadier General Neeraj Poudyal, PSC, an aluminous of the Nepali Military Academy was commissioned in Nepali Army in the rank of Second Lieutenant in the year 1989. Posted in Shree Shumsher Dal Bn as parent unit Gen Poudyal volunteered for joining Elite Special Forces unit and after graduation was posted in prestigious Shree Bhairavnath Bn (Delta Company) as a Special Forces operator. He assumed the command of the Nepali Army War College on 5th March, 2020 as 39th commandant.

2. General Poudyal one of the most competent senior officer with flying colors has an illustrious career with outstanding performance both in the military courses as well as in the field of command. With variety of courses from abroad namely Intelligence Course (UK), Comprehensive security response to Terrorism, Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies (Hawaii) General has attained different seminars, workshops in the field of military and security. Along with the foreign courses he is a graduate from Army Command and Staff College, Nepal. On the aspect of civilian education he holds the Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities from Tribhuwan University, Nepal.

3. In his distinguished Military Career spanning for more than three decades the General has held various high profile command, staffs and Instructional appointments both at home and abroad. He has commanded two independent infantry companies, Shree Ranashardul Company at Palpa and Shree Ajay Dal Company in Nepalgunj respectively. Similarly, he was the Commanding Officer of Shree Barakh Bn at Dhangadi, Commanding Officer of Shree Yuddha Bhairav Bn (Special Forces) and was the brigade commander of No.4 Brigade HQ, Nepalgunj. In abroad he commanded Shree Barakh Bn as Commanding Officer in UN mission at Haiti (MINUSTAH) in the year 2007. He was the Director of Defence Ordinance Procurement Directorate in Nepali Army HQs and currently is also the Senior Directing Staff of Higher Command and Management Course at Nepali Army War College.

4. General Poudyal was appointed as the Defence Attaché to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan from 2014 Dec to 2017 Dec Likewise; General Poudyal has the tremendous experience of serving in different dimensions of post conflict missions under the blue flag of the United Nations. He participated in UNIFIL in 1993, 2001 and 2011 in various appointments. Similarly he participated in MONOC in Democratic Republic of Congo as a Military Observer.

5. A voracious reader brigadier is an avid cyclist and his hobbies includes jogging, playing tennis and badminton.

6. A native of Kathmandu, General Poudyal is married to Mrs Meena Paudyal and the couple is blessed with daughter Shreya and son Subhanjan.