HCMC, Course Overview

Higher Command and Management course has been conducted with the aim of enhancing professional knowledge in selected officers to prepare for higher command and staff appointments for the entire spectrum of conflict at the operational/strategic level. This course is conducted once in every year to the selected senior officers from the rank of Col and Lt col. The duration of the course is of 13 weeks. The syllabus of the course contains four different modules as Statecraft and Strategy as module 1 which covers National Security Strategy, Examining various strategists, Insurgency and counter insurgency. Scanning of strategic environment (module 2) covers the National, regional and International issues. Module 3 covers the study of Operational art, campaign planning and conduct of exercise where as module four covers the leadership and management aspects.

UCSC, Course Overview

The aim of UCSC is to impart a sound theoretical and practical professional knowledge to student officers with a view to produce commanders capable of commanding units through entire spectrum of conflict. This course is also conducted once a year involving non-psc officers for seven weeks as pre UCSC Course and later on as UCSC involving non-psc and psc officers for 5 weeks. Total duration of the course is 12 weeks. The curriculum of the UCSC course mainly contains Unit Command Aspects, Staff Duties, Intelligence, Leadership and man management, war fighting modules in conventional and unconventional environment, conduct of training in the units and formation, Development Studies, Military Operation other then war, management skills and miscellaneous aspects.

CCSC, Course Overview

CCSC course aims at producing commanders capable of commanding a coy in peace and war and staff officers functioning at SO level 2. The syllabus of the course focuses on war fighting modules in conventional and unconventional environment, Staff Functioning, Intelligence and Training, Leadership and management, Administration and logistic system, Military operation other then war and miscellaneous aspects. The duration of the course is of 13 weeks which is further divided into three terms i.e, staff duties as first term, conventional Operation of war as second term and unconventional operation of war as third term.