Biography of Brigadier General Gokul Bhandaree

Information Officer Gokul Bhandaree

Brigadier General Gokul Bhandaree took up his current appointment as Director of Public Relations and Information (DPR&I) and Spokesperson of Nepali Army on 01 January, 2018. He was born in December 22, 1965 in Purano Naikap, Kathmandu. He was commissioned as second lieutenant into the Nepali Army, on June 01, 1988 from the then Royal Nepalese Military Academy, Kharipati.

Brig Gen Bhandaree has undertaken a number of career courses and several other military courses. The most notable ones include the Junior Staff Course, Company Commander and Battalion Commander Courses, Army Command and Staff Course among others. He is a graduated of the College of Defense Studies (CDS), National Defense University PLA, Beijing, China. Additionally, he has done Signal Officers' Degree Engineering (SODE) from India, United Nations Contingent Commander's course from Bangladesh, South Asian Teaching Sessions (SATS) in International Humanitarian Law (IHL) from India, Security, Stability, Transition & Reconstruction (SSTR) Course from Hawaii, USA. He has also attended different seminars and workshops including the Senior Officer's Workshop on International Rules Governing Military Operations (SWIRMO) in Columbia and Multinational Communication Interoperability Programme (MCIP) workshop in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Maldives and Australia. He holds Master's degree in Social Science from Tribhuwan University, Nepal.

Brig Gen Bhandaree has successfully commanded Bisnu Dal Company (Infantry) (now battalion), Ganesh Dal (Signal) Battalion, Binayak Dal (Signal) Battalion, No. 2 (Infantry) Brigade. He has also held key staff appointments, including as Brigade Major of No. 5 Brigade, as Operation Officer of NO. 6 Brigade and as Assistant Chief of Staff (Operations) of Western Division HQ. At Army HQ, he has served as Staff Officer in the Directorate of Human Rights, as Director of Signals (now No. 15 Brigade) and Director of Strategic and Prospective Planning.

Brig Gen Bhandaree carries tremendous experiences in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations. His UN assignments include Platoon Commander (signal) in United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL), United Nations Military Observer (UNMO) in United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone, Chief Military Information Officer in United Nations Mission in Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUC) and Senior Military Public Information Officer in UNIFIL.

Brig Gen Bhandaree has been decorated with the Gorkha D akshin Bahu Class IV, Military Service Medal, Foreign Service Medal, and Disaster Rescue and Relief Service medal.

Brig Gen Bhandaree is married and the couple is blessed with two daughters and one son.