Training in Nepali Army

Nepalese Army Ranger TrainingTraining is the key element for the professionalism of any Army. The Nepali Army is no exception. The Nepali Army has always given utmost priority to provide its personnel with adequate trainings. In accordance with the famous saying of King Prithivi Narayan Shah, the Great, "The abilities of the Soldiers needs to be polished at all times", the Nepali Army has always emphasized and provided professional trainings to its Soldiers and Officers alike to keep the Nepali Army ever ready to meet the challenges that they may have to face. The Nepali Army also provides with specialist and vocational trainings to its troops. The Nepali Army institutionalized modern training with the establishment of the Nepali Army School in Chhauni in 1953. Today, the NA has many specialized army-level academies and schools under the Directorate General of Military Training (DGMT). The main training establishments of the Nepali Army are listed below:

  • The NA Command and Staff College, Shivapuri
  • The NA School, Nagarkot
  • The Nepali Military Academy, Kharipati
  • The NA Recruit Training Center, Trishuli
  • The NA Jungle Warfare School, Amlekhgunj
  • The NA High Altitude School (Mountain Warfare), Mustang
  • The NA Intelligence School, Kharipati
  • The NA Logistics School, Chhauni
  • Birendra Peace Operations Training Center, Panchkhal
  • The NA Para Training School, Maharajgunj
  • Specific to Arms and Services Schools

Apart from the above mentioned training establishments, all units from independent Companies upto Divisions provide their personnel with professional trainings on a daily basis. The units go through a few months long training cycle every year.

The Nepali Army has a policy that requires each rank from a Private to the General to compulsorily undergo certain trainings for promotion to a higher rank. Apart from these mandatory trainings, there are various other specialized trainings that any Nepali Army personnel can optionally acquire. Nepali Army personnel who obtain distinguished results in trainings conducted in various training schools of the Nepali Army are also regularly sent to foreign countries for acquiring advanced trainings. The list of some mandatory trainings in the Nepali Army are shown below:

S No
Mandatory Trainings
  • Soldiers' Basic Training
  • Unit Basic Training
  • NCO Cadre Grade 3
  • Third Class Education
Lance Corporal
  • One Course on Admin or Sp
  • NCO Cadre Grade 2
  • NCO Cadre Grade 1
  • Second Class Education
Warrant Officer I
  • Senior JCO Cadre
  • First Class Education
Officer Cadet
  • Officers' Basic Course
2nd Lieutenant
  • PCBC and Commando Specialization Course
    (Jungle warfare, Mountain Warfare or Sp wpn)
  • CCSC
  • Staff Collage
Brigadier General
  • War Collage
Nepalarmy Training

With the advances made in the military field, the Nepali Army has always sought to keep her personnel abreast with the latest development, both equipment wise and conduct wise. Similarly in continuing to maintain the unblemished image of the Nepali Army regarding Human Rights, trainings on Human Rights, Laws of Armed Conflict and International Humanitarian Laws are included in the course outlines of all Nepali Army trainings.