VCOAS Biography


Lieutenant General Bal Krishna Karki

Lieutenant General Bal Krishna Karki, ndc, psc, MA, son of Mr. Madhu Karki and Mrs. Kasturi Karki was born on October 12, 1964 at Godamchaur, Lalitpur.

He was commissioned from Royal Military Academy (RMA) Sandhurst, United Kingdom (U.K) as second Lieutenant on August 08, 1987. He is an eminent scholar and has gone through various professional training, courses and seminars both at home and abroad. His notable professional courses include Special Forces, Command and Staff Course, Higher Command & Management Course and National Defense Course, China.

Lt. Gen Karki carries with him aglorious professional experience of command, staff and instructional appointments. He has commanded an independent company, battalion (both during insurgency period), brigade, division and infantry western command under most challenging circumstances.

During his 36 years of illustrious military career, he has served in different Peacekeeping Missions UNGIL in Iraq-1991, UNAMSIL in Sierra leone-2002 and MONUC in Congo-2005. He has also visited Bangladesh, China, India, Israel, United Kingdom, United States of America and many more.

For the selfless service and devotion, he has been decorated with prestigious medal “SUPRABAL JANA SEWA SHREE” (सुप्रवल जनसेवाश्री) and was awarded “Abraham Award for Nature Conservation 2002” from WWF.

As a Commandant, he has served Nepali Military Academy-Kharipati, Nepali Army War College-Nagarkot and Army Command & Staff College-Shivapuri. His significant responsibility at Army Headquarters includes his appointments as Adjutant General and Director General of Research and Development Directorate.

As promoted to Lt.Gen in September 14, 2021, he was appointed as ACOAS (Assistant Chief of Army Staff) and Acting VCOAS (Vice Chief of Army Staff) and he is VCOAS (Vice Chief of Army Staff) at present.

He currently resides in Kapan, Kathmandu with his wife Mrs Manisha Karki and the couple is blessed with a daughter Ms Upama Karki.

Lt. Gen Karki as a naturalist loves to explore the nature, flora and fauna is his passion. He also has profound knowledge on various languages and possesses fluency in English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Kurdish, Chinese, Hindi, Urdu and Bangla.