CoAS holds discussions with UN Bigwigs

1. CoAS Gen Chhatra Man Singh Gurung held discussions with UN key personnel on March 31, 2011 during his official visit to United States of America. 2. CoAS Gen Gurung called on Ms Susana Malcorra, Under Secretary General for Department of Field Support at UN HQs. The logistic conditions of Nepalese Peacekeepers deployed at various countries and possible logistic support to be provided by the UN were the agendas of discussion so as to explore initiatives to strengthen and revitalize UN peace operations’ effectiveness regarding rapid deployment. 3. CoAS Gen Gurung also called on Mr. B. Lynn Pascoe, Under Secretary General for Department for Political Affairs at UN HQs where prospects of new deployments of Nepalese Peacekeepers in various UN missions in the immediate future were discussed. CoAS Gen Gurung had departed on the official invitation of Government of United States of America on March 25, 1011.