Multinational Communication Interoperability Programme (MCIP), Staff Workshop-2 Concludes

1. The Multinational Communications Interoperability Programme (MCIP), Staff Workshop-2, which was co-hosted by the Nepalese Army and the United States Pacific Command (USPACOM), concluded on 8 April 2011. 2. Chief of General Staff Lt. Gen Pawan Jung Thapa of NA delivered the closing address to the programme. Lt. Gen Thapa while addressing the gathering of dedicated professionals from many countries of Asia Pacific Region, representatives of various governmental and non-governmental organizations said that during moments of extreme calamities, the responsibility is to act through the creation and development of a well coordinated multilateral response mechanism involving not only the international community but also the local community and individual citizens of the state to stabilize the situation and further reduce loss of life and property. He said, " MCIP has helped participants to further enhance the mechanism of interoperability of various agencies and nations that will meet the challenges of chaotic and desperate situations that arises in the aftermath of any disaster and will generously contribute to all the participants in planning and executing interoperability in the field of communication in the time of need." 3. Developing common communications operating procedures to enable military forces in the Asia Pacific region to work together in the event of a major disaster was the focus of the workshop. The workshop focused on testing how well the various militaries can communicate with each other during humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations using different scenarios. 4. 80 officers from 19 countries including United States of America, Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Magnolia, New Zealand, India, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Tonga, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, Tuvalu and 14 officers from Nepalese Army had participated in the workshop. 5. The closing day of the five-day long workshop was also attended by the officers of NA and representatives from US Embassy in Nepal.