Joint Table Top exercise commences

1. A table top exercise on Nepal - US Military Assistance & Disaster Management co-hosted by Nepalese Army, US Army and Marine Force Pacific under US pacific Command kicked off today. Director General of Military Operation, Maj.Gen Daman Bahadur Ghale, delivered the opening address. 2. The purpose of the interactive table top exercise is to effectively coordinate & deploy the military assistance received from the friendly countries on the consent of the Nepal government if Nepal is struck by large scale natural calamities. 3. Nepal is considered to be most vulnerable to earthquake and natural disasters. The four day long exercise conducted at Hotel Radisson is being attended by 55 officers from NA, 30 personnel from US Army, representatives from different NGOs/INGOs, Nepal police, Nepal Armed Police Force, US Embassy, UN Agencies, Military Attaché of different embassies & activists from various human rights organization