Inspection of NAIHS by IOM officials

A nine-member team from Institute of Medicine (IOM), headed by Dean Dr. Arun Sayami conducted a field inspection of the Nepalese Army Institute of Health and Science (NAIHS), currently under construction, from 18-19th Bhadra 2068 which will operate a Medical College and a Nursing College. NAIHS is a non-profit organization established to produce quality medical manpower, provide medical services to serving and ex-army personnels including their families and will also provide its services to the local populace and foreigners alike. The institution will be operated by the Army Welfare Fund. During the two days visit, the officials from IOM visited the Birendra Hospital and Basic Science Complex, Administrative Complex, Skill Lab, Academic building, Office Complex and Hostel Complex of the Medical College. Executive Director of NAIHS T/Brig Gen Dr. Prakash Raj Pandey briefed the visiting team. NAIHS will commence PCL Nursing (affiliated with CTEVT) from Ashwin 2068 and MBBS (affiliated with IOM) from Mangsir 2068. Similarly NAIHS plans to conduct BN Nursing and BSc Nursing (affiliated with IOM) from Mangshir 2068. During the inspection, the visiting team was accompanied by Adjutant General Maj Gen Nara Bahadur Kandel, Director General of Medical Services T/Maj Gen Dr. Ghambhir Lal Rajbhandari and other high ranking officials of Nepalese Army.