CoAS inaugurates the ‘Veteran Homes’

1. CoAS General Chhatra Man Singh Gurung inaugurated the ‘Veteran Homes’ on July 31, 2012 amid a special function. 2. The Veteran Homes is the Army Welfare Funds’ effort to enhance the services to the retired army personals with basic requirements like food, shelter, medical services and care in their senile age. The homes’ foundation was laid in the 11 ropanis land at Ichangunarayan VDC, Kathmandu on May 18, 2012. 3. The complex encompasses three veteran buildings each for officers, JCOs and other ranks. The current capacity on each house is 4 for Officers, 8 for JCOs and 16 for other ranks. The Veteran homes will be expanded to the capacity of 84 with 12 for officers, 24 for JCOs and 48 for ORs. 4. Present on the occasion were incumbent Generals, retired army chiefs and generals, officers and the members of NA Wives Association.