Rescue by the Nepalese Army

1. The Nepalese Army (NA) rescued the injured personnel (three Foreigners and one Nepali citizen) as they suffered from an accident at Dhusha, Village Development Committee (VDC) of Dhading district on 22nd August 2010. The NA’s Helicopter (MI-17) carried the injured personnel to Kathmandu for the further treatment. 2. The incident took place as a car heading towards Pokhara collided with a Truck moving towards Kathmandu. The passengers of the car were the Belgian ladies namely Coutel Darrien, Audney Jacobs and Asefeh Defaeeboeini who all got injured along with one Nepali citizen Pema Sherpa. The driver of the car Kamal Ojha also got seriously injured and later on died at Highway Hospital, Malekhu whilst undergoing treatment. The casualties and the dead body were carried to Kathmandu by NA’s Helicopter.