The attention of the Nepalese Army has been drawn towards misleading reports in Telegraph Nepal in an article titled “Indian army men humiliate Nepal government high officials: Report” (Sunday, May 10, 2015 11:12 AM).     

The Nepalese Army recalls the steadfast friendship and continued goodwill between the Nepalese Army and the Indian Armed Forces throughout history. We applaud the excellent support rendered by the Indian Armed Forces, who rushed to Nepal’s aid in the hour of need, the first elements arriving within 6 hours of the earthquake.     

As per international practice, the flights of all foreign military aviation assets are coordinated, along with rescue and relief activities of all foreign forces, through the Multi National Military Coordination Centre (MNMCC) at Nepalese Army Headquarters. Thereafter, NA Air Operations publishes a coordinated and compiled Flight Tasking Order the night before, which is then executed the next day. NA Liaison Officers are on board every flight.    

 The contribution of the Indian military aviation has been exemplary. By 10 May 2015, Indian military aviation had delivered more than 336.1tonnes of relief materials, especially focusing on badly damaged areas of Gorkha and neighbouring Districts. Indian military aviation has evacuated approximately 1000 people to safety. Similarly, Indian Military Medical Teams have treated over 2,370 people in various locations.     

The Nepalese Army is proud to work shoulder to shoulder with the Indian Army and Air Force and deeply appreciates their invaluable support.