NA Veterans' Interaction Programme

A two-day long Veterans' Interaction Programme organized by the Nepalese Army (NA) concluded on October 28, 2014. On October 27, 2014, Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) Gen Gaurav SJB Rana had inaugurated the interaction programme while Chief of the General Staff (CGS) Lt Gen Pawan Bahadur Pande had given the welcome address amidst the opening ceremony organized at Army Headquarters, Bhadrakali. The interaction was intended to seek valuable and institutional inputs from the former senior officials for the betterment of the NA in various fields. Addressing at the ceremony in Army School, Nagarkot, COAS Gen Rana had stated that the guidance from the experienced army veterans would help in multiplying the efficiency of the army as a whole in achieving future endeavors. At the occasion, Gen Rana had added NA with its apolitical character was always striving towards a professional and modern army as per the issued ' Command Directives-2069' incorporating suggestions from all corners. Highlighting on the 'Military Service Regulation-2069', Gen Rana had further elaborated that the regulation had opened up avenues to capable and qualified officers to pave their way to career development. A total of 65 high ranking officials to include retired Army Chiefs, retired Generals, officials from Ministry of Defense and serving Generals of the Nepalese Army had attended the interaction programme. The interaction was intended to reap the expertise, skills and long experiences of retired Generals with their invigorating talks on the vital topics pertaining to review short-term and long-term action plan of NA, professionalism of NA and issues regarding national & international security concerns.