French Paramotor Pilot Rescued

French citizen Mr. Jen David Branc, a participant at Paramotor gliding of Himalayan Paramotor journey, organized to promote "Nepal tourism Year 2011 was missing on Friday afternoon, 21 Jan, 2011 around 1600 Hrs. The following day a task force led by Major Sunil Bikram Shah from Shree Naya Gorakh Gana based at Fulbari Barrack in Pokhara was mobilized to rescue the missing. During the rescue operation, on Jan 23 some local informed the task force that missing was found at Korchum, Machhapuchhre VDC in Pokhara. Then the task force in coordination with another task force of APF headed towards the said location to rescue the missing in spite of adverse weather. The task force received the further information that the Mr. Jen David was heli-evacuated to Pokhara with the help of local residents at 1720 Hrs on Jan 23. After conforming David's position, the task force of NA returned to base where they reached on 24th Jan, the next day of his rescue. At an event to honour the security forces and local residents who facilitated in the rescue, Mr. David rewarded Shree Naya Gorakh Gana of NA, Kalika Gana of APF and local populace of Machhapuchhre V.D.C with Rs 50,000 each. Mr. David highly praised the efforts and contribution of security forces and local villagers for his rescue. Moreover, he promised to provide NA and APF with 1 million each and 1 million for Machhapuchra V.D.C. Following the program, the Battalion Cdr. of Shree Naya Gorakh Gana Lt. Colonel Shambu Gurung ensured him that every penny will be spent for the welfare and the betterment of the soliders.