NA Patrol Team wins Gold at 'Exercise Cambrain Patrol 2017'

An eight member Nepali Army (NA) patrol team has won GOLD at 'Exercise Cambrian Patrol 2017' organised by the British Army from 13-22 October, 2017. A total of 139 patrols - 111 Teams from the British Forces and 28 foreign military teams, including one from Nepal- had participated in the exercise. About 33 percent of the patrols failed to finish the exercise.&nbsp;<div><br></div><div>&nbsp;The annual event, held in the harsh environment of Brecon, Wales, UK, is a unique, world-class professional military exercise that tests soldiers to the extremes of their endurance and skills. A patrol of eight soldiers per team is tested on specific scenarios involving ‘enemy forces’. They are expected to prepare for battle, navigate cross country, day and night, using only a map and a compass and are tested at each rendezvous point on varied tactical and technical military skills, including reconnaissance and intelligence collection, river crossing, dealing with mass casualties, improvised explosive device finds, and even on protective measures against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats, among others. The teams have to cover approximately 60 Kms over a two-day foot patrol, carrying weapons and full equipment in excess of 50lbs. The tests culminate in a shooting competition.&nbsp;&nbsp;</div><div><br></div><div>The NA is proud of this incredible achievement of our soldiers and commends the British Army for hosting such an event and inviting the NA to participate.</div>