Pacific Endeavor-2018 (PE18) Concludes

Pacific Endeavor-2018 (PE18) Concludes

Pacific Endeavor-2018 (PE18), a communication exercise under the Multinational Communications Interoperability Program (MCIP), concluded amid a special ceremony organized at Hotel Yak & Yeti, Durbarmarg on August 17, 2018. Lieutenant General Hemanta Raj Kunwar, Chief of Staff (COS) Nepali Army, formally concluded the 12-day long exercise, which was co-hosted by the Nepali Army (NA) and the United States Pacific Command (USPACOM).

The cardinal objective of the PE-18 was to develop common communications operating procedures to enable military forces in the Asia Pacific region to collectively work in the wake of a major disaster. The workshop also focused on testing the efficiency and effectiveness of the diverse communication capabilities of militaries and develop a level of compatibility during Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HA/DR) operations on different simulated scenarios.

MCIP, which is conducted annually in the name of 'Pacific Endeavor', included a series of three staff workshops and a final concluding exercise. Previous three exercises were held in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Australia respectively. The culminating large-scale exercise is currently held in Nepal.

Approximately 270 personnel participated in the exercise from 20 Asia-Pacific Countries. Pacific Endeavor, which began in 2005, focuses on rapidly and effectively establishing interoperable communication systems arrangements in support of meaningful effort to jointly act on disaster relief operations.

General officers of NA, officials of Government of Nepal, officers of NA and media personnel among others were present during the closing ceremony.