Hospital Preparedness for Emergency Course (HOPE) Concludes

1. Director General of Military Operation, Maj Gen Gaurav Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana on 8 April 2011, concluded 4-Day long Hospital Preparedness for Emergency (HOPE) Course which was conducted for Nepalese Army personnel only. 2. HOPE course addresses the structural, non-structural, organizational and medical concerns of health facilities in order to develop and implement well-designed plans that increase their capacity to respond effectively to emergencies. 3. Altogether 27 participants with 11 female participated in the course (both medical and non-medical personnel). The HOPE is sponsored by Asian Disaster Preparedness Center and the Nepalese Army and conducted by Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University. 4. Present at the closing ceremony were Prof. Dr. Arun Sayami, Dean Institute of Medicine, Prof. Dr. Pradeep Vaidya, coordinator HOPE in Nepal, and senior officers and Dr. officers of Nepalese Army.